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Welcome to Misty Meadows Villa

It is the perfect getaway from the ordinary day at home or at work and at least for a bit you can allow yourself to relax in a private luxurious house gazing at spectacular views or cooling off in the majestic garden.

Nevertheless, the benefits of staying in a holiday villa are much more and varied than the enticing image described above. In contrast to other accommodations, a holiday villa combines both the home atmosphere with the vacation spirit while at the same time offering exclusive amenities and undeniable tranquillity.

One of the most important qualities of a holiday villa is the privacy it provides. Being only at your disposal, the property is detached from external interference and people and you have complete freedom to spend your time the way you want. You can have your seclusion and peace undisturbed by other guests or hotel staff, an essential element of the quality holiday.

Misty Meadows Villa Entrance

In addition, having your own place means having more space and options for much more activities. When in a holiday villa you will have a whole house with multiple rooms and facilities. You may decide to take a nap in the bedroom while the rest of your company watches TV or prepares a meal in the kitchen or take a walk in the garden and then lie on a lounger to collect some precious sun energy. Staying in a villa will let you set your own pace of doing things and you will not have to take into account hotel regulations or opening times.

Another important factor during a holiday is the daily meals. When in a hotel usually you will have to go to the restaurant to eat, order room service or dine out. At the holiday villa, you can decide to cook in our fully equipped kitchen or order the chef to make a delicious meal, thus save a lot of money especially if you travel with your family or a big party.

Offering a brilliant variety of options, our villa offers outstanding characteristics that cater for the comfort and preferences of each family. One will find an exceptional range of carefully chosen amenities such as Made to Oder Food, Wi-Fi, Badminton, and Cricket, Cards, table tennis, Jacuzzis, outdoor and indoor lounges, high chairs, cots, extra beds, central air conditioning, internet connection, bed linens, bath towels, room service and good clean towels.

Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of a villa holiday is the price associated with this option. Villa holidays are very reasonable and stand head and shoulders above the competition.