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Panchaganga Mandir

  • As per the Hindu mythology five holy rivers Krishna, Venna, Koyana, Savitri & Gayatri show their token appearance here in five springs flowing closely. They are seen flowing in five stone conduits & joining in one horizontal half channel leading to the Goumukhi cow face spout. Though the Goumukhi it falls in the cistern below. On the northern side there is a similar conduit through which the holy 'ganga' appears every twelve years. From the conduit on the southern side flows the holy Saraswati when the following astrological times come together, namely, Bhadrapad month, shasthi (6th day), Tuesday sun in hasta nakshatra, Rohini nakshatra in predominance & Vyatipat. This miraculous yoga (coincidence) is known as the "Kapila Shasthi Yoga", which is believed to be very auspicious occasion as per the Hindu faith.
  • panchagana